The Canada International Scientific Exchange Program (CISEPO) is a Canadian registered, charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO), based at the University of Toronto at the Faculty of Medicine and at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and at York University in the Faculty of Health.

CISEPO's mission is to promote international development by advancing health education, health care, health care systems, scientific exchange, research and public health thus connecting Canada to over 45 countries globally.

We create a network of peaceful professional cooperation, beginning under a Canadian umbrella in an academic setting in the health sector, and reaching out to better the lives of ordinary people and those marginalized through disability, in communities at home, abroad and in the Middle East as proof of concept. Our product is knowledge transfer and we rely on cooperative people-to-people on-the-ground activities, social entrepreneurial enterprise with innovations in telehealth technology to work with and share a common mission to improve health systems with like-minded partners.

Our collaborative partnerships and projects in education, training, research and service, bring together Canadian and international students, faculty, physicians, nurses, scientists and health care professionals, thus uniting hospitals, universities and communities in advancing professional development and continuing education and, ultimately, public health.

We contribute to building bridges of academic and service cooperation, and to fostering trust and confidence among health sector partners, their institutions and communities, in a health-as-a-bridge-to-peace initiative that has universal application and has been demonstrated across borders, faiths and cultures for 20 years.

We continually provide Canadian academic and public health mentoring to Canadian and international students and trainees. We place a high value on knowledge transfer, distance learning and telehealth, for continuing education and professional development, to benefit colleagues, patients, institutions and communities globally.

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