When we help an infant or child, it’s a wonderful demonstration for a family of what international cooperation can do. It’s very powerful.

— Dr. Arnold M. Noyek


A world where individuals and societies work together to achieve improved quality of life and health for all. 


To promote international cooperation and mutual development, especially in regions experiencing conflict and disparities. We accomplish this through joint activities and programs that advance health education, health care, public health, health systems, scientific exchange and research. Our model is based on the Health as a Bridge to Peace concept adopted by the World Health Organization.

CISEPO specializes in knowledge transfer and incorporates the principles of gender equity, human rights equity, and environmental equity in all programming. We offer professional development in healthcare through accredited CPD, fellowships, mentorship opportunities, and grassroots programming.

We are very much committed to supporting the Canadian Development efforts in Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health that are aligned with the Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The CISEPO partners share a commitment to:

Equity and Non-Discrimination

Participation and Inclusion

Accountability and Transparency

Professional  Dialogue and Engagement

CISEPO is non-political. We provide a forum for international cooperation based on common values and ethics.



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CISEPO would like to thank the organizers and the attendees at this years 3rd Annual Kindful Canada Symposium for working with us to bring together experts in the fields of science, positive psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, meditation.
#kindness #mindfulness #CISEPO


Do you want to attend this years #movethedial Global Summit in Toronto on November 14th? CISEPO has scholarships available to cover 80% of the ticket fee. Send an email of interest to snovak@cisepo.ca with #movethedial in the subject line.

CISEPO is accepting applications to be a part of our Cross-Border Health Ambassadors Program offered in partnership with @mosaicinstitute and supported by @uoft

We invite all eligible applicants to send your CV to info@cisepo.ca


International assistance is good for Canada - healthier better educated neighbours strive for peace, not conflict - sharing Canadian wealth is the right thing to do - we should spend more and ensure that the money is spent well @Sickkidsglobal @CanWaCH https://t.co/bVHEDIYfrA

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