When we help an infant or child, it’s a wonderful demonstration for a family of what international cooperation can do. It’s very powerful.

— Dr. Arnold M. Noyek


A world where individuals and societies work together to achieve improved quality of life and health for all. 


To promote international cooperation and mutual development, especially in regions experiencing conflict and disparities. We accomplish this through joint activities and programs that advance health education, health care, public health, health systems, scientific exchange and research. Our model is based on the Health as a Bridge to Peace concept adopted by the World Health Organization.

CISEPO specializes in knowledge transfer and incorporates the principles of gender equity, human rights equity, and environmental equity in all programming. We offer professional development in healthcare through accredited CPD, fellowships, mentorship opportunities, and grassroots programming.

We are very much committed to supporting the Canadian Development efforts in Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health that are aligned with the Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The CISEPO partners share a commitment to:

Equity and Non-Discrimination

Participation and Inclusion

Accountability and Transparency

Professional  Dialogue and Engagement

CISEPO is non-political. We provide a forum for international cooperation based on common values and ethics.



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*** NEWS Flash: CISEPO tackled climate resilience and health this week at @canwach summit in Montreal****

@shawnanovak from CISEPO`s leadership team presented the CISEPO approach to community-driven health equity in Nunavut for Inuit Women in the face of climate-induced crisis, @canwach Summit this week. We`re working with community health workers and midwives. Ask us for details! Are you working in a similar area? We love sharing, learning, and partnering. Do you need expert consultation on systems design, training, research support, or participatory community interventions in limited resource or conflict settings? CISEPO does this for local groups, institutional partners, and governments. Reach out at info@cisepo.ca

CISEPO is fielding a team delegation to attend the ALLMEP regional conference this June in Jerusalem. This will be of particular interest to our IPEME alum! If you`re interested, then send us a message with the subject line "ALLMEP conference" to info@cisepo.ca


New Episode Drop! Hot off the mics in Rwanda! Link here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1976811 ...

CISEPO takes a strong stance against hate. We refuse the drumbeats of division, revisionism, and misinformation. On Holocaust Remembrance Day we remember the 6 million jewish souls murdered and others subject to genocide and persecution and resolve to never again let it happen to anyone anywhere, and recommit to doing the work to ensure that it doesn’t. Hatred and intolerence are global health issues. ...

Mabruk to our hard working, dedicated, and generally amazing midwives and community health workers for all passing their final observed structured clinical exam (OSCE) in the CISEPO and Juzoor pilot project to teach point of care ultrasound for use in remote and limited resource settings. This is the first time this imaging protocol has been taught to midwives or community health workers and has so much potential for improving care as part of a systems approach🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏 ...

Please join us on December 9 at 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time for the next International Geriatric Mental Health (I-GeMH) Education Network Rounds on Human Rights Based Interventions: Navigating the Perfect Storm of Ageism, Mentalism, and Ableism, presented by:

Dr. Kiran Rabheru, MD, CCFP, FRCP, DABPN, Geriatric Psychiatrist, The Ottawa Hospital, Chair of the Board of ILC- Canada and

Ms. Margaret Gillis, BA, MPA, President, International Longevity Centre (ILC) Canada, and Co-President, ILC Global Alliance


Click here to register:


Thank you for supporting CISEPO`s impactful programs in 2022! We`re wrapping up our Community Mental Health Leadership Program for 2022 and will begin fresh in 2023 with a new expanded Mental Health program launch. We ended the year of this program with our sessions to support Ukrainian Mental Health for Ukrainian refugees in Canada and those working to support the Ukrainian community with psychosocial support in Canada. We ran the program in partnership with First Aid for the Soul and look forward to developing on this together. Get in touch with us at info@cisepo.ca, if our Community Mental Health Leadership Program is right for you and your team! ...

Hatred is a health issue. Period. End of sentence. Stand tough against #racism #antisemitism It`s not a joke to spread hatred. Stop the cycle and get with the times. It`s almost 2023. Do we want to go down that slope as humankind? No, we do not. CISEPO is committed to #abatethehate. You can be too. Join us and email info@cisepo.ca ...

CISEPO hosted an intimate gathering this past week in Tel Aviv Yafo with IPEME (International Pediatric Emergency Medical Elective) alumni. Special guest Professor Leonard J. Marcus, Co-Director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, joined us. Professor Lenny gave a talk titled “Meta-Leadership: The Ingenuity of Swarm Leadership.” It was the perfect chance to kickstart our alumni programming for 2023.

As Arnie would say, “Always moving forward!”

Curious about IPEME and want to learn more? Copy this link to go to our website: http://cisepo.ca/ipeme/

#publichealth #metaleadership #harvarduniversity #leonardjmarcus #cisepo #telaviv

Register now for nov.11th and get deep into discussion about #dementia and #geriatrics and #mentalhealth. We are a fee free program so joining us is easy! Come meet your international colleagues for a great session and CPD credits for maintenance of certification. ...

Click here to follow the Seeds for Equity Podcast and learn about the roadmap to global health equity left by Dr.Paul Farmer💫💫💫💫 share and comme@nt so we know that you’re loving it or have feedback.


Here we go! We’re almost ready for the MCH conference on Aug 24th and 25th. Registration is now closed and we have over 1000 participants joining us from 55 countries🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌍

Our first scheduled keynote speaker is the esteemed Prof. Yashuhide Nakamura!
#mch2022 #bettertogether

La fête du Canada est riche de sens et constitue un moment privilégié de réflexions et d`introspection sur la manière dont notre pays aborde son histoire coloniale, la décolonisation, l`indigénisation et la réconciliation, et sur la manière dont nous pouvons et devons faire mieux collectivement. Nous avons beaucoup à apprécier, mais aussi beaucoup de travail à faire. Cliquez ci-dessous pour découvrir des façons de célébrer la fête du Canada et de progresser vers le changement. ...

Happy Juneteenth! Canada has just as much a reason to celebrate Juneteenth as our American friends, even though our national historical narrative diverged. We have emancipation day on August 1st that celebrates the day in 1834 that the British abolished slavery but juneteenth is a completely different holiday and we have a role in doing more to ensure that Black lives matter does not end with a slogan or a moment of popular attention. ...

In 2022 resolve to get involved with CISEPO and move forward against health inequities and the social injustices preventing health equity. Whether you’re in Boston, Toronto, Iqaluit, or somewhere else in the global village, let’s build back better together. ...

Fresh new video drop on CISEPO and #vaccineequity. Check out the unedited footage of PH specialist Keltie Hamilton and Director Shawna Novak presenting for the Ariadne Labs Mass Vaccination Collaboration. Find the link on the CISEPO FB page for on demand streaming. ...

We’re all feeling the fatigue and frustration but let’s stay focused on what more we can do to #buildbackbetter #equity #vaccineequity #sickpay #protectessentialworkers ...

Apply now for virtual IPEME 2021! ...