Dr. Arnold M. Noyek O.C. Legacy Fund Student Award in Global Health

The Dr. Arnold. M. Noyek O.C. Legacy Fund Student Award in Global Health is awarded on the basis of merit to a medical student and a public health student who using telehealth, are engaging or proposing to engage in global health projects between Canada and a partner country. Students are additionally supported with mentorship and access to the CISEPO network for project development.

CISEPO Cross Border Health Ambassadors (CHA)

CISEPO and the Mosaic Institute are offering an online interactive certificate program in Global Health, Anti-Discrimination, and Leadership, for qualifying public health and medical students, in partnership with the University of Toronto. CHA brings together students to enhance cross-border understanding, trust, and cooperation among future physician leaders and gives them an opportunity to complete a social impact keystone project with Facebook Global.



CISEPO Changemakers Program

The CISEPO Changemakers program incorporates experiential and locally led mental health and mindfullness programs that knit together young people from different cultures and ethnicities on a local and global basis, to combat stimatization and provides tool for support and self-care.

International Pediatric Emergency Medical Elective (IPEME)

IPEME is a summer elective program that brings together twelve medical students from Canada, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel to study Pediatric Medicine and Global Health together. Building on the CISEPO model, participants engage in respectful dialogue, explore issues in refugee health, learn best practices in Global Health and the Sphere Principles, gain clinical exposure in Pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, contribute to group  projects as part of a Public Health “Hackathon”,  learn ACLS and PALS skills with regular simulation lab sessions, gain training in casting and suturing, and join in team building activities. This is a UofT accredited program with the Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine of the Hospital for Sick Children, McMaster University, University of Toronto, and Mount Sinai Hospital.

Partnership with Project Rozana

Our renewed partnership with Project Rozana involves further developing Israel-Palestine medical education. Current initiatives include supporting the International Community Action Network (ICAN) and Rozana academic group at McGill University and the creation of an Arab language health system navigator training program at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. CISEPO also partners with Project Rozana, The Munk Centre for International Affairs, and the Translational Research Program at the University of Toronto on a Peace through Health Experiential Lecture Series aimed at physicians and public health professionals.

Save a Child’s Heart Canada

We work in partnership with Save a Child’s Heart to develop cardiology programming and short course CPD medical education initiatives related to Cardiology and CV surgery in the Middle East and Tanzania.  The newest project aims to address high Maternal and Child health mortality rates and improve employment prospects for women in Tanzania through a CHW led screening program. SACH received the United Nations award for Population Health in June 2018.

Canada-Kenya Global Health Equity Program Partnered with AMPATH

Canada-Kenya Global Health Equity and OBS/GYN Fellowship program is supported by the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and MOI Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya, with affiliation to Sinai Health Systems and the University of Toronto Postgraduate Medical Education. Interactive telemedicine rounds have been ongoing for over 3 years and as of July 2017, the program offers two new Maternal-Fetal medicine fellowships for Kenyan physicians affiliated with MOI University who have committed to practice in Kenya upon completion and is aimed at improving local maternal and child health outcomes.

International Behavioural Neurology Rounds (IBNR)

With the participation of over 44 countries, IBNR brings together healthcare professionals from across the globe within a virtual auditorium for an international series of behaviour neurology rounds. The audiences are multidisciplinary and include neurologists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, family physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, and social workers, as well as trainees in these disciplines. A key feature to the success of the rounds is that they are collaborative with all sites being equal partners. The interactive videoconference provides the audience with the opportunity to discuss differences and challenges across national boundaries.

Kabul Cardiac Care Centre

In partnership with Kabul University and the Rotary Club of Toronto Bay-Bloor, CISEPO supported a past CISEPO Cardiology Fellow, in efforts to build Afghanistan’s first Cardiology Institute in Kabul. Current involvement includes development and provision of an emergency medicine and family medicine undergraduate curriculum and ongoing post graduate training in cardiac electrophysiology and cardiovascular surgery.

HMC Qatar Partnership

Audiology training to service the high demand for skilled audiology and pediatric audiology clinicians to address high rates of congenital deafness and improve quality of care for children in the middle east. Additional CPD training in other clinical disciplines delivered on an as needs basis year to year.

West Kabul Emergency Centre

With support from the Rotary Club of Toronto Bay-Bloor, an emergency centre and training program are being developed with KATEB University. This project is locally driven and being led by a previous CISEPO fellow who is current Director of International Partnerships at Kateb University. The University is partnered with CISEPO, the Toronto Afghani community leadership, and Rotary to develop Afghanistan’s first cardiology institute in Kabul.

World Federation of Neurology Partnership

Our partnership with the World Federation of Neurology rooted in global telemedicine rounds has resulted in ongoing global collaborations including the development of a bilateral physician training program with Tunisia. The program lays the foundation for a community nurse training program with a Dementia specialization, along with bilateral training exchanges for research and clinical education in Canada and Tunisia.

Canada-Jordan Academic Partnership

The Canada-Jordan Academic Partnership is at the foundation of CISEPO’s historical development. It consists of a long standing commitment to Health system strengthening in Jordan that involves clinical fellowships, bilateral academic exchanges, regional training, and academic monitoring and accreditation through cooperative network partnerships.

COVID-19 Public Health Interventions

As the impact of COVID-19 global pandemic increases, the potential of digital health interventions and cooperative solutions to increase access to reliable public health information and address unmet mental health needs has become clear. CISEPO is working to enhance access to public health information by supporting technology development to enhance information access for under-served and rural populations. CISEPO is also working to enhance access to mental health support through a hybrid solution of person to person support from a macro-task trained public health cohort and digital intervention.

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