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The CISEPO student summer elective brings Canadian, Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian students together. The students will come from various health disciplines, from medical students to Ph.D. candidates, to spend a summer together studying international child nutrition issues at the Hospital for Sick Children and through the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto.

This summer student cooperative program, which began in June 2003 (2003 studying pediatric cancer, 2004 studying genetic hearing loss), is a vital part of CISEPO's mission in the Middle East to build trust and confidence across the Arab and Israeli divide by working with the next generation of community leaders. As the students work and live together, the bridges of human understanding flowing from this experience in the common ground of the health sector will forge lasting people-to-people links across borders.

The ultimate objective is for the returning students to foster a wider network of knowledge and cooperation among their colleagues using the CISEPO model.

Canadian, Israeli and Palestinian medical studentsare seen with the Dean of the faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Jordan University of Science and Technology and with the Chair and founder of CISEPO. The picture is taken on the grounds of the University of Toronto during the SUNSIH-CISEPO student summer project on pediatric cancer, 2003

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Building bridges: Arab and Israeli students with University of Toronto faculty, SUNSIH summer program 2004.

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