Surgical, Scientific, and Medical Exchange

CISEPO exchange program provides opportunities for a group of Canadian and international e Surgical, Medical, Public Health and Scientific experts to be trained for periods of one to eight weeks in surgical, medical and other techniques and procedures.


  ENT Examiner Exchange to Jordan


Phase 1 (in Canada ; 1 July 2003 )
Training in cochlear implant surgery and habilitation for a Royal Medical Services (RMS) team from Jordan at The Hospital for Sick Children, Sunnybrook and Women's Health Sciences Centre and Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto.
Phase 2 (in Israel ; 28 December 2003 )
Cooperative exchange programme in habilitation of deaf infants and children by Israeli, Jordanian (Jordan University of Science and Technology and RMS) and Palestinian (Al Quds University) participants linked with a cooperative surgical exchange programme in cochlear implant surgery, including temporal bone dissection and operating room experience at Tel Aviv University and Haddasah Medical Center/The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Phase 3 (in Jordan ; 30 December 2003 )
Cooperative surgical exchange programme with successful Arab-Israeli cochlear implant surgery, King Hussein Medical Centre, Amman, combined with medical imaging seminar by Israeli and Canadian faculty on temporal bone radiology for practicing radiologists and residents from Jordan.
Phase 4 (in Jordan; ongoing)
Ongoing cooperative habilitation for deaf infants identified through early detection (newborn hearing screening) program (Project 1) at the Middle East Association for Managing Hearing Loss (MEHA) and for children undergoing cochlear implant surgery.


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Surgical, Scientific, and Medical Exchange

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Senior Jordanian and Israeli ear surgeons operate together on the first two cochlear implant surgeries ever performed in Jordan by a Jordanian ear surgeon.

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