International Research Program

CISEPO initiates and supports basic and applied medical and health related research which can be integrated into its other programmes. Research projects are assessed on the basis of their contributions to the growth of knowledge and to peacebuilding in the region. Encouragement is given to projects which build collaborative relationships among Canadians, Israelis, Jordanian, Palestinians and other regional neighbours in the Middle East and worldwide.

Key Achievements:

CISEPO supported joint Israeli-Palestinian publication on the genetics of hearing loss.


1: Shahin H, Walsh T, Sobe T, Lynch E, King MC, Avraham KB, Kanaan M. Genetics of congenital deafness in the Palestinian population: multiple connexin 26 alleles with shared origins in the Middle East.Hum Genet. 2002 Mar;110(3):284-9. Epub 2002 Feb 08.

2: Sobe T, Vreugde S, Shahin H, Berlin M, Davis N, Kanaan M, Yaron Y, Orr-Urtreger A, Frydman M, Shohat M, Avraham KB. The prevalence and expression of inherited connexin 26 mutations associated with nonsyndromic hearing loss in the Israeli population.Hum Genet. 2000 Jan;106(1):50-7.

CISEPO has received Canadian and Israeli government and international foundation grants for CISEPO/MEHA Peacebuilding projects.

In March 2003, the CISEPO research team received a CIHR programme development grant under the Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI) programme to support planning of a sustainable cross border Arab-Israeli programme in population health and health services research (Dr. Harvey Skinner, Principal Investigator).

CISEPO organized the first MEHA Scientific Symposium on Regional Health Issues in Cyprus, October 2002, with joint Arab-Israeli presentations and approval for continuing education credit by the Faculty of Medicine, Continuing Education, University of Toronto.


International Research Program

CISEPO/MEHA Genetics of Hearing Loss Program

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