CISEPO has been active on the international scene since 1984. In 1995, one year after the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty, CISEPO began its engagement in developing and implementing viable and sustainable health sector cooperative activities in the Middle East between Arabs and Israelis.

CISEPO has successfully brought Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian colleagues and institutions together for academically-based, health and scientific programs designed to promote collaborative capacity-building and development. CISEPO's approach involves establishing cross-border partnerships in education, training, scientific exchange and research among individuals, faculties, students, institutes and universities. The outcomes from CISEPO's efforts are the building of personal relationships, trust, confidence and bridges of cooperation and understanding which, ultimately, contribute to peacebuilding in the region.

CISEPO enjoys broad community support across faiths and cultures and governmental support in Canada and internationally. CISEPO has signed formal agreements and letters of intent for collaboration in medical and public health services programs with ministers and senior Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian and Canadian government officials.

In 1995, CISEPO was invited by the private office of the late King Hussein to foster collaborative health sector projects between Israelis and Jordanians and thus contribute to Peacebuilding in the Middle East . The Government of Israel immediately supported this initiative for CISEPO, as a Canadian umbrella, to build bridges understanding and cooperation in the region. Palestinian academics and their institutions joined the endeavour in 1997.

While most of CISEPO's programs involve people-to-people activities on the ground in the Middle East, CISEPO also undertakes domestic programming, through the faculty and students of Canadian universities and affiliated hospitals, thus providing capacity building for and knowledge exchange with its partners in the Middle East.

Beyond CISEPO's primary objectives, CISEPO touches the lives of the students, faculty, scientists, physicians, nurses, audiologists and allied health care personnel in its network of knowledge. CISEPO brings public education and a ray of hope to the general community in Canada by connecting them through dialogue and activities to the peace process in the Middle East .

CISEPO's successful operational history through the years results from its inclusiveness, its diversity, and its ability to transcend politics to deliver tangible, needs-based benefits to ordinary people.


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