Your gift to CISEPO changes the lives of deaf infants and children, brings hope to societies in conflict, and builds bridges of understanding across faiths and cultures.

Give with the satisfaction of knowing that you have brought hope and dignity to those in need through cooperative education, joint research and vital services that cross the borders of the Arab and Israeli divide.  Your contribution builds trust and confidence across that divide.

We are giving those in need the capacity to help themselves and their neighbours.  Your gift brings light to a dark corner, contributing towards a promising future for Arabs, Israelis, and all peoples looking forward to brighter opportunities for individuals, their families and their communities.

Contributions to CISEPO are used to support CISEPO’s programs in the Middle East.  Additionally, your contribution supports domestic programming linking Canada and the international community to CISEPO and the Middle East Hearing Association (MEHA) projects in the Middle East.

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